Any Ideas On How To Keep My Lab/pit Mix Out Of The Cow Pastures?

My husband and I own two dogs…a 7mth old cockapoo (Pepper) and a 7mth old Lab/Pit mix (Bandit). They are both indoor dogs but they have to go out to potty, for walks and to play. This past week we were without electricity for over 5 days due to Ike and we spent alot of time outside with the dogs during the evenings to keep them from being too hot inside. One day, Bandit took off through the barbed wire fence into the neighbor’s pasture, and was having so much fun that we couldn’t get him to come back. Even funnier was that none of us could get past the barbed wire fence to get to him. Well, I wouldn’t worry if it wasn’t for the fact that dogs bothering/chasing the cows is a horrible offense in our part of the world, sometimes punishable by death (being shot by the ranchers). We don’t want anything to happen to him, but he can’t always be on a leash. We take him out on one to go potty or to go on a walk, but if he needs to go out and play or run, he can’t be leashed.
We want to teach him that he has to stay in our yard, not the pasture, but Im not sure how to do that. Now, that day, we did get him to come home, and he was scolded and then put for a 5 min time out in his crate and then closely supervised after that. But I would like to feel some assurance that he won’t do it again, the kind of assurance that you get with a well trained dog.
Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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  1. Well I perimeter walk my dogs continuously for months..teaching them our borders..may i add that when dog came home punishing him was not a good idea and crates are to be pleasant places not for time outs..The dog will not want to listen if he gets punished upon return if you get that..see they cannot think ahead like a human does..they do not link I didn’t come home with being punished..they think home/punish//home/punish..So perimeter walk him to train him, or put a fence up a real fence, or A long lead attached between trees, but a dog should never be left outdoors without owners present..Another animal could attack yours or visa versa..or a person could ride past on a bike..just never know Good luck

  2. You need a good trainer, and I would suggest someone who does humane and appropriate training with an electronic training collar.
    What happened when you got him back the other day is that he was scolded and given a time out for coming and being caught… not exactly what you want to teach him!

  3. My advice if a fence is not an option is get a long rope with a clip and the end, Tie one end by the door and when ever you want to leave your dog out just clip them on, make it as long as it needs to be so they cant reach the pasture. Good luck!

  4. Did you know that crates aren’t supposed to be used for punishment. I would’ve run through the pasture as well. Dogs are not children…punishment after the fact doesn’t work..sorry.
    You want him to stay in the yard? Put up a fence. Easiest solution.

  5. I have dogs and livestock. I live in a state where livestock owners have the right to shoot any dog seen harassing their livestock. It is your responsibility to fence in or tie your dogs. There are so many dangers in the world that dogs just don’t and will never understand. That is your responsibility as a dog owner/companion.
    You have to fence, tie, walk your dogs, or there will be misfortune. We have a six foot tall solid wood fence from dogs that are long gone, one to cancer, the other back to the breeder for killing every small animal in our area. You can be pro-active and take the problem on or you can see your dog suffer and then grieve. You have chosen to have dogs. You have to make the choices.
    My best advice is to give your dogs basic training: sit, down, stay, heel; every day. I have had lots of dogs in my life. The best relationships were from my keeping up with the training. Also 7 months until two years is like adolescence for dogs. They enjoy not being obedient, unless you get smart and use really good rewards. Don’t get mad and let them manipulate your emotions. Stay calm and in charge. Use cheese or bits of meat to keep your young dogs focused. Do short sessions. Go for short steps to reach your goal and you will have the best dogs ever! Teach even stupid tricks to keep increasing communication.
    I have gotten lots of good training information by reading posts on the Yahoo groups called “Agbeh”. It’s meant for training aggressive dogs, but it will will help any dog owner to understand and train their dog with positive methods. Their reading list is great!
    A crate should be like a bedroom for a dog, a place of his own, not a punshment, but a sanctuary. For the owner, having the dog in the crate is a respite from worry about what the dog is doing.
    I am so glad that you are all safe after Ike! Try playing with the dogs, tossing sticks or whatever to keep them exercised. Hopefully that will be fun for you and the dogs.
    Dogs have an inborn understanding of territory and borders, i.e. fence lines. Try walking your dog along the cows’ fence to show him where not to go. Let him play away from the fence. Throw toys/sticks away from the fence.
    Good luck!!! Try to train a bit or more every day to keep forward progress. Don’t get too frustrated. Dogs are fun and worth the effort.

  6. Training comes with time, but there isn’t a 7 mo old puppy in the world I would trust off lead in a situation like that. They just aren’t reliable. You definitely don’t want him to learn the unfortunate lesson that he can run circles around you and that you can’t catch him and make him come. If he can’t be exercised adequately on leash, perhaps you can set up some hog panels to make an exercise pen. Or get a Springer for your bike and give him a great run beside your bike.
    “Now, that day, we did get him to come home, and he was scolded and then put for a 5 min time out in his crate ”
    Make sure that never happens again. What happened when he listened to you, left those exciting cattle, and obeyed? He got chewed out and confined. That’s the very best way to train a dog NOT to come when called. No matter how mad you are, when he comes when called all is well, praise and a treat. NEVER call him to you to do something he doesn’t like (clip nails, give medicine, bath, etc). Only pleasurable things come from obeying. If I have to do something my dogs or fosters don’t like, I go to them and do it.
    You’re in a difficult situation, and I really feel for you. Yes, in Texas, it is totally legal to shoot any dog you see near your cattle. Without power the midday can get pretty hot, even since the post Ike cooler weather. He’ll have to be exercised either in a secure pen you put up, or on leash – you can use a long line and play ball. Or, find a safe enclosed area like a schoolyard or friend’s fenced yard and let him rip and run in there.

  7. Well you could put a collar that would shoot a lil electric into them so that they won’t go only so far I’d say it would only take one time and they’d figure out that if they pass a certain place that they will be shocked..
    and its better than having a rancher shooting them.. I know that happens where I’m at as well. here people love there dogs only if they knew where they were if you know what I mean? i have a fenced yard so I know exactly where mine are.. people thinking tieing there dogs up is a crime but it saves there lifes in the long run and also saves court costs.. best of luck

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