What Type Of Dog Should I Get?

My parents have decided to let my sister and I get a dog! =) We’re both teenages and would prefer a small to medium-sized dog, not like a retriever-sized, but not a tiny Paris-Hilton type.
I’d like to have a breed that’s friendly, caring, playful, loving, loyal.. and basically all the great qualities of a dog. I really like Cockapoos, but what’s the best kind of them to get, and are there any other good breeds you recommend?
One more thing.. would yolu recommend getting a full-grown dog or a 1-year old puppy or something? We’d want it to be little when we get it, but trained…
All answers welcome =)

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What Should I Know Before Buying My Own Dog?

Okay, so I am a teenager, old enough to get a job, and I am very responsible and my mother agrees that if I pay for my own dog I can do it – but I have to pay for the vet bills, the toys, food, and anything else that comes along with it. However, she said if the dog gets really sick, she will pay for any surgeries that may need to be performed. I do not plan on getting pet insurance, btw.
I was just wondering what initial costs there will be besided the actually price of the dog… what essentials will I need to make sure he lives as happily as possible?
I would like to adopt from the pound, however most dogs there have been abused and since this is my first dog I’m worried that I won’t properly be able to help/train it. On that note, I DO NOT want a purebread due to the health problems they are prone to get – so what cross breeds are good? I was thinking Cockapoos because my friend had one and he was an amazing dog… Also, I do want a small – medium sized dog, no huge ones.
I live in a small town so there’s lots of open space and I have a big backyard so excersize won’t be an issue. Also, I would prefer a breed that’s good with cats, children, easy to train and isn’t very talkitive 🙂
Thanks so much!

How Do I Train My Dog To Be Offleash!?

My dog,Magie, Is a 1 year old cockapoo puppy. She is on her leash 24/7 and always in our sight. We have to put baby gates up so she doesnt go into the basement. The reason why we do this is because if we let her off the leash and full range of the house (we tried this many times) she will run around and poop everywhere even if we just took her outside! If we try to grab her to put her back on the leash she will growl and bite! How can I teach her to be offleash without biteing,growling,and pooing. How can I also get her to come when called she knows her name and when I call it and say come here she will just look at me and run away..

Any Ideas On How To Keep My Lab/pit Mix Out Of The Cow Pastures?

My husband and I own two dogs…a 7mth old cockapoo (Pepper) and a 7mth old Lab/Pit mix (Bandit). They are both indoor dogs but they have to go out to potty, for walks and to play. This past week we were without electricity for over 5 days due to Ike and we spent alot of time outside with the dogs during the evenings to keep them from being too hot inside. One day, Bandit took off through the barbed wire fence into the neighbor’s pasture, and was having so much fun that we couldn’t get him to come back. Even funnier was that none of us could get past the barbed wire fence to get to him. Well, I wouldn’t worry if it wasn’t for the fact that dogs bothering/chasing the cows is a horrible offense in our part of the world, sometimes punishable by death (being shot by the ranchers). We don’t want anything to happen to him, but he can’t always be on a leash. We take him out on one to go potty or to go on a walk, but if he needs to go out and play or run, he can’t be leashed.
We want to teach him that he has to stay in our yard, not the pasture, but Im not sure how to do that. Now, that day, we did get him to come home, and he was scolded and then put for a 5 min time out in his crate and then closely supervised after that. But I would like to feel some assurance that he won’t do it again, the kind of assurance that you get with a well trained dog.
Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Is Having Two Puppies From The Same Litter Bad?

i bred cockapoo puppies and have a buyer wanting two puppies. iv’e heard though that it’s bad to do that because they don’t have to love you because they always have each other.
also that they’ll never learn thier name because you’re always saying two, and if you yell at one the other thinks he’s being yelled at, resulting in them never getting trained.
any help??

How? Help!!!!!!!??????

I want to get a dog so my parents said that if I don’t watch TV for a whole year they will get it for my birthday. Which is someday in October.They agreed for the no watching TV because I’m like addicted to TV but its easy. I’ve done it for 3 months already but I still have about 7-8 months left! I can still not watch TV but I really want my dog during the summer. Mostly because in the summer I’ll have time to train it and spend more time with it and learn how to take care of it before school starts again. How do I convince my parents into letting me get my dog during summer. And also how much does it cost for for a cockapoo and all the vet stuff, food, grooming, boarding if I’m going on vacation, and toys and stuff in Ontario. Please help me. Thank you!

Having A Dog In College?

I am a 21 year old college student at UVA and I am about to go home for the summer. I am really interested in getting a boxer puppy once I get back and have done a lot of research on the breed and its needs. I will be getting it over the Summer, so I am hoping that this will be enough time to house train her and such. I will also be living in a frat house next year with a fairly decent sized yard and lots of people there to help the dog develop good social skills (and hopefully have some buddies take care of her, if I cannot be there for her). I’m am fairly set on doing this, and there is already one guy in the house who has a cockapoo (a much smaller dog) and he has seemed to do just fine. I just wanted to get some opinions and tips.

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Should Changing Puppy’s Food Cause Him To Poop Every 10-20 Min All Day And Night, Will This Balance Out?

We got our Cockapoo from breeder and within 4 day we noticed looser poop and blood in his stool. The Vet checked him and he had parasites and was on a week of medicine and boiled chicken and rice or boil hamburger diet. He improved and was only out once a night to go to the bathroom so we put him back on his puppy chow food (same as breeder). He started getting loose stool and blood again, so we had him checked out again, Vet said it probably is just that puppy food not agreeing with him. Now we have him on Science Diet small bites and he is now having solid poop and no blood but has to go every 10-20 mins all day and night. He was completely house and crate trained after 3 days home, but now if I don’t sleep right beside him at night he poops in his crate before I get to him several times through out the night and/or he barely makes it out the door before he goes. Do I switch him again or will this balance out?

My Dog Has A Hurt Leg Somehow?

Okay so today i came home and i picked up my dog, shes a cockapoo, and she cried when i like lifted under her arm pits. and she walks fine its just like she goes up the stairs slow and cant really jump like on the couch and stuff. So i was thinking like idk that it was like a sore muscle or something. Shes paper trained and doesnt go outside. We have a huskee and they get in fights once and a while and idk maybe he like stepped on her or something. Did any of u guys dogs ever act like this? Will she be ok with some rest? She walks and stuff fine its just when she has to lift her self pretty much, so i think its her muscle like maybe she fell down the stairs idk. What do you think?

How To Stop My Dog Peeing On Rugs?

I have a 4 year old bichon cockapoo and he keeps peeing inside on the rugs. He knows its wrong and he’ll run away when he knows we’ve found it but we don’t know how to stop him. We have a large on in the family room that he pees on. He always goes outside for pees but he still continues to pee inside. The smell may have soaked through to the hardwood, if so what do you suggest to remove the smell? We’ve bought several new rugs, as he totally wrecks them by peeing on them- any suggestions as to how we can train him and how we can clean the rugs?