Crate Training With A Blanket?

I recently got a 10 week old Cockapoo and made the mistake of letting him sleep with me instead of in his crate. Well, I realized that when I’m staying with a friend for a week, he won’t be able to, so I decided to make him sleep in his crate. When I put him in his crate, he whines SO much. I know I’m supposed to just let him whine, but I can’t! So, I put a blanket over the crate and he hasn’t whined at all! Is there anything wrong with doing this? I know this is the stupidest question, but this is my first dog so I don’t know all of the tricks 🙂 Thanks a lot!

6 thoughts on “Crate Training With A Blanket?”

  1. No it is not a stupid question. I used to put a big towel over my puppy’s crate when he was a baby. Worked like a charm. There’s nothing wrong with it. Just make sure if he gets up in the middle of the nite whining, it may be because he needs to go out so don’t ignore him then.

  2. No, that’s perfectly fine, I did the same thing a couple times. I think it makes them feel cozier and more confined in the dark, small space. Or maybe it lets them know that it’s time to sleep, like when bird owners put a cloth over the bird cage. I don’t know why, but it often does work, and it’s perfectly harmless. 🙂

  3. We started putting a sheet over our dogs crate at night when he was a puppy because we would put him to bed about half an hour before we went and he would wine because he saw the lights on. He’s 7 now and still sleeps with his sheet unless it’s really hot. Good job for figuring it out on your own! Our vet told us to try it 🙂
    Good luck with your pup!

  4. I’m trying sooo hard not to make that mistake. My new puppy is a schnauzer yorkie and he sleeps in his basket. Our crate is being borrowed by a friend whos dog has heartworms 🙁
    ANYWAY, It’s not cruel. Make sure he can’t chew it.

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