Having A Dog In College?

I am a 21 year old college student at UVA and I am about to go home for the summer. I am really interested in getting a boxer puppy once I get back and have done a lot of research on the breed and its needs. I will be getting it over the Summer, so I am hoping that this will be enough time to house train her and such. I will also be living in a frat house next year with a fairly decent sized yard and lots of people there to help the dog develop good social skills (and hopefully have some buddies take care of her, if I cannot be there for her). I’m am fairly set on doing this, and there is already one guy in the house who has a cockapoo (a much smaller dog) and he has seemed to do just fine. I just wanted to get some opinions and tips.

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  1. I’d say wait till you are done with school. A frat house is the last place for a dog. I mean come on you know what goes on in your frat house! I can see it now some one opens the door and your dog gets out and gets hit by a car you don’t have the money to for the vet bills and your dog ends up in a shelter or put down. You said hopefully you’ll have some buddies to care for her if you can’t. What if they don’t or can’t .Think about how you’ll feel if something happens to her. How long till your done school? If you’ve waited this long what’s a few more years?

  2. make sure everyone in the house is cool with a dog. 2 of my brothers just adopted a dog out of the blue and it turns out people living in the house next year don’t like it
    As for taking care you;ll probably be the one feeding him and such but I bet a good number of your brothers will take it for walks and I am sure some girls would want to take him for walks as well.
    Try to keep people from feeding your dog table scraps, beer, and or getting it high

  3. I have a friend who got a dog at college. She lives in a house with several of her friends and due to the large number of people taking care of it, the dog seems to be fine.
    I’d say go ahead, if you are sure that you will be able to care for it! Also, I hope your campus is dog friendly 🙂

  4. I am a college student also and have two dogs and a cat. I think getting a dog during the summer is great. I did that with my first dog and it allowed me to start the training process and bond with him. She will be fine next year as long as you have breaks in your schedule to take her out and play with her. I would definitely suggest crate training her b/c it speeds up the housebreaking process and it will allow her to have her own space when you are at class. Also look for dog parks in your area because its a great way to socialize and exercise your puppy, both my puppies love it and its our special weekend thing. Good luck with your new puppy!

  5. I’m your same age and in college. I got my dog last year. Before I got her, I thought about all the ways that my life would be different: what I would give up- (time spending w/ friends, etc, money for vet care & emergencies, food, extra rent costs, how long a commitment it was….) You have to really think about it because if you’re not going to be able to take care of this dog for the next 10 yrs at least, then what will happen to it? Are you willing to only live in a pet-friendly home because it takes extra time and effort to find them & there are additional costs also. Think about the discomfort of pottytraining and picking up poop everyday & cleaning up vomit- and things that will be destroyed. I only bring this up because so many people get dogs and think of all the great fun they are and don’t take these things into consideration, and they end up homeless and put to sleep.
    If you’ve considered all that, and still think a dog is worthwhile then YAY! You’re getting a dog!!! Summer should be plenty of time for you to train your dog, and most importantly bond with your dog. Oh and I sincerely hope you decide to rescue a dog.

  6. First, you need to check with the college (or whoever leases you the property) and make sure it is okay with them. Some places put boxers on the “aggressive breeds” list and won’t allow them in rental properties. Also, you need to make sure that you understand that it may be hard to find a place to rent when you move for the same reason, and make sure you are going to be willing to put forth the extra effort when that time comes. Otherwise, I think its a great idea! Boxers are fantastic dogs and a lot of fun to have around. Have you considered getting a slightly older puppy (maybe 3 or 4 months) so that she will have better control of her bladder? If you get a new pup at only 8 weeks old then she will only be approximately 4-5 months old when you get back into school and probably will not be able to hold it all day while you are in class, and might still be having accidents in the house. Also, if your friends are willing to help out with her great, but don’t depend on that. It sounds like you’ve done your research though, which is good, and if you think you’re ready…go for it! You may consider enrolling her in puppy classes over the summer (if she’s old enough) while you can since I’m sure you’ll be busy during the semester. And I would definentally recommend getting her crate trained early…it will come in handy. Especially if your frat house is having a party or a lot of company so you can keep her out of the way and safe incase doors get left open. Good luck!

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