How? Help!!!!!!!??????

I want to get a dog so my parents said that if I don’t watch TV for a whole year they will get it for my birthday. Which is someday in October.They agreed for the no watching TV because I’m like addicted to TV but its easy. I’ve done it for 3 months already but I still have about 7-8 months left! I can still not watch TV but I really want my dog during the summer. Mostly because in the summer I’ll have time to train it and spend more time with it and learn how to take care of it before school starts again. How do I convince my parents into letting me get my dog during summer. And also how much does it cost for for a cockapoo and all the vet stuff, food, grooming, boarding if I’m going on vacation, and toys and stuff in Ontario. Please help me. Thank you!

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  1. Dogs are an endless money pit. you have to remember that this dog will hopefully be with you for about 10-15 years. You have to feed the dog everyday, vet visits, toys and training. It is really alot of money and if your parents aren’t ready for the responsibility then they shouldn’t get one. They are the ones who have to financially support this dog so it’s good that they told you to wait.

  2. First off, don’t fall into the designer dog trap! These dogs are usually unhealthy and are ALWAYS overpriced! Decide if you want a cocker spaniel, or a poodle. OR if you want a mix, you can always go to the shelter and save a life!
    Secondly, toys, vet bills, boarding and food are VERY expensive! There is no way for you to budget the amout of money, because what if an accident happens? You will have to pay for the emergency vet!
    Thirdly, wow! I can’t believe that you parents agreed to a year without tv = a puppy?
    Talk to your parents about your concerns and LISTEN. Make sure to tell them that you really want to have to puppy potty trained before you go to school so they don’t have to deal with it. Tell them you want to bond with the puppy and give it as much attention as possible.
    Good luck!

  3. Just keep on wating for what you and your parents have agreed and be patient.don’t mind they will take care of your dog during your apcentices. sharp

  4. I would really talk to your parents about why it would be good for you to get the puppy in the summer…(more time)…Don’t whine about it..ask them to think about it…you still have a few months before summer hits…enough time to research the breed, breeders in your area, pricing for vet bills…call your local vet to see what the prices are for vaccinations, spay/neuter…heartworm pills… Then call the boarding facilities to get their prices…You will need to have him/her vaccinated against kennel cough (bordatella) before boarding, and they will have to have a rabies shot…
    Do your research…talk to your parents..prove to them that you are serious about this…
    My only suggestion would be to check out your local humane society, or go to to find a puppy at a shelter..a cockapoo is a mixed breed, so you might be able to find one that needs to be adopted…good luck to you…and good job sticking w/ the no TV rule! Keep it up and hopefully your parents will bend the rules a bit…

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