Is Having Two Puppies From The Same Litter Bad?

i bred cockapoo puppies and have a buyer wanting two puppies. iv’e heard though that it’s bad to do that because they don’t have to love you because they always have each other.
also that they’ll never learn thier name because you’re always saying two, and if you yell at one the other thinks he’s being yelled at, resulting in them never getting trained.
any help??

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  1. Your primary concern with placing puppies out of the same litter should not be how easy it will be to train two dogs, but rather that you don’t place a male and female together so they can make inbred puppies.
    With regard to training two dogs at the same time, have you ever tried to walk two dogs at the same time? It’s impossible, unless you trained them separately first. So… whether or not the new owner will be able to comprehend and execute what is needed to train more than one dog at a time is really your judgement call.

  2. It’s just not always the best idea. Littermates can tend to bond more with each other than the owner, not to mention potty training and obedience training is doubled! Getting 2 same-sexed littermates can be even more trouble. It’s not a hard-and-fast rule that there will always be problems, but it can happen more often than people think. Most reputable breeders will not sell 2 littermates to the same family.……

  3. maybe this is sometimes the case but i have two dogs from the same litter and they are the best dogs i’ve ever owned. also, we have clients who do this and they don’t have any problems. i think they feel more safe and secure in the new environment having a litter mate there. it ultimately depends on if the owner is a good owner i guess.

  4. If someone wants two by two puppies form the same litter that is not a problem. I know a lot of people who have brother and sister dogs that are very well trained. They keep each other company but they still love and respect their owner. If they are not the same sex then they should definitely be fixed. If you have concerns about the buyer ask what there reason is.

  5. Yes, it is a bad idea.
    The reasons you’ve listed, however, are incorrect.
    Two puppies have a more difficult time bonding with one owner if they’re from the same litter, which makes for an unhealthy relationship between the dogs and the owner.
    Your “buyer” in question is stupid for wanting two puppies and for buying a group of mutts.
    YOU are ignorant for breeding two mutts.

  6. It is not bad to get two pups from same litter. When the owner goes to work or somewhere else, the pup will have a playmate. Tell the buyer to train them apart. This way they learn their own names. Plus they won’t distract each other while in train session. Other wise let them be together. I see no problem. Its good to have two so they can keep company to each other any time of the day.

  7. That is not true at all. I got two puppies from the same litter, both boys, and thought the same thing. But the puppies only played with each other when a human was not around. Otherwise they would follow the human everywhere. We ended up getting another puppy from the same litter it worked out so well.

  8. Responsible owners, unlike irresponsible backyard breeders looking to make money off mutts, will train them separately and give them each their own special time and give them lots of love. There is nothing wrong with 2 pups from the same litter going to one household.

  9. i doubt it would cause any significant problems…also, emily, there is no reasn for u to be so rude…ur as bad as captain obvious!! she was simply asking a question and it did not call for u to act so high and mighty like u think, but obviously,are not

  10. Well I have a neighbor who has two male puppies from the same litter and they love thier owner just fine and they know thier names. For training them you would be better off training them sepratley.

  11. Thats the worst thing I ever heard! Make sure they sign a spay/neuter contract and place them both in the same home. Two puppies can be trained and learn their own names if raised together!
    Talk about “old wives tales” Geesh!

  12. yes it’s true. They will learn their names but they depend too much on each other. If you keep them you should walk them separtley and spend time with each one separtley. Talk with your vet about this.

  13. They will be fine. Just make sure that they don’t breed them and that they will provide a good home.

  14. no i dont think so,..not unless you wanna breed them or something..I’ve read from somewhere, that wasnt advisable.

  15. It is possible to sell 2 puppies to someone from the same litter. But you have to think, will these people have the time and patience to raise and train two puppies properly? I bought one puppy and it was a long, hard road to training. I know I wouldn’t have been able to handle 2 even though I wanted to get his litter mate also. With that being said, I don’t condone the breeding of ‘designer’ dogs. They are unable to be registered and shown so there is no breed standard to go by. I hope you reconsider. They are animals and are suppose to be there for you to care about them, not to make money off of them.
    Umm, are the registered with the AKC? Nope, because they aren’t a purebred breed, they are MUTTS. Fancily named mutts. They are probably registered with the CKC (not the canadian kennel club) which will accept any dog as would any other registry. If you sent in a picture of a poodle and had 3 people swear it was a daschund then it would be registered as a daschund. Sorry hun but I do know what I’m talking about. You breed mutts and probably charge people a bunch of money for them. You should never breed your dog just because they aren’t popular in your region and people you know wanted them. I would NEVER breed my iggy. They aren’t common where I live and I know people who want them but I believe that breeding should be left to people who study their purebred breed and take their time in health testing their animals to insure they are fit to be bred.
    Did you do any health testing with you dogs? Did you CERF, BAER, and OFA tested? If you replied no to any of those, you have no right in breeding your dogs.
    This is all my personal opinion but I think others would agree with me.

  16. Yes,
    you are correct. They will stay together and not bond as well with the owner.
    They usually do learn their name though.
    I would let the buyer get them. It will not hurt the puppies, and you get the money.
    Good Luck! =)

  17. Firstly, I want to address the original question. If the owner appears capable of caring for both then it is likely they will be fine together. Although, two females together can be a recipe for disaster (although there are obviously two females, like mine, which love each other) and male/female can lead to inbred puppies.
    Secondly, to all those people who have a problem with mix breed dogs. Mix breed dogs are healthier and live longer. It is a proven fact, I am a vet, deal with it. They have less genetic temperament flaws and so are very often nicer dogs.
    Now if you were suggesting that someone who has not had their dogs tested is an inadequate breeder or that irresponsible breeding can cause many “designer” dogs to end up in shelters. Then you are obviously correct.
    But, this breeder was not asking your advice on their ability to breed and you no cause for your complaints. You could have easily mentioned testing without making it an accusation.
    Its probably good that you won’t breed your iggy; firstly because they have high levels of genetics flaws and are pointlessly fragile. Secondly, because you would probably be choosing the *best* conforming dog to the breed standard. Which will also be one of the inbred holding many genetic flaws in recessive genes, which you can’t test for.
    You know what, thirdly, just because it took you a long time to train your dog (if you are refering to your iggy a notoriously hard dog to train) doesn’t mean that someone else will. My dog was fully trained by 4 months. Wasn’t hard, wasn’t long. She was mix breed from a shelter.
    Do you have a problem with mix race people too?

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