My Dog Has A Hurt Leg Somehow?

Okay so today i came home and i picked up my dog, shes a cockapoo, and she cried when i like lifted under her arm pits. and she walks fine its just like she goes up the stairs slow and cant really jump like on the couch and stuff. So i was thinking like idk that it was like a sore muscle or something. Shes paper trained and doesnt go outside. We have a huskee and they get in fights once and a while and idk maybe he like stepped on her or something. Did any of u guys dogs ever act like this? Will she be ok with some rest? She walks and stuff fine its just when she has to lift her self pretty much, so i think its her muscle like maybe she fell down the stairs idk. What do you think?

One thought on “My Dog Has A Hurt Leg Somehow?”

  1. If she is an older dog, it could be arthritis. Could be a pulled muscle, And some of the lymph nodes are located under the dogs “arm pits”, soreness/swelling in this area could signal a bigger problem. (God forbid)
    Best thing to do is go to the Vet and have her thoroughly examined.
    good luck

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