The Facts About Cockapoo Dogs

Cockapoo dogs are, without question, adorable.  They are curly fluff balls that have a sweet nature, are loyal and affectionate.  They are very friendly, lively and intelligent, generally getting along with everyone.  Many people find them to be a fine family pet.  However, before you decide that this designer breed is the right choice for you, there are a few things you need to think about prior to making any assumptions about this dog.

First and foremost, cockapoo dogs are hybrids, which means they are not purebreds and will not always look or act the same.  In order to understand the type of doggie characteristics you will be dealing with, you need to study the temperaments and various qualities that define the Continue reading The Facts About Cockapoo Dogs

How To Find About Cockapoo Breeders

Cockapoo breeders should be investigated using very similar principles that would apply when looking for a reputable purebred breeder.  In short, your goal is to find a professional that is dedicated to ensuring the wellbeing and favorable characteristics of the dogs they produce.  You can achieve this objective by making certain the places you find and are interested in meet certain standards.

Not sure what standards they should meet?  The following are questions you should ask cockapoo breeders: Continue reading How To Find About Cockapoo Breeders