Should Changing Puppy’s Food Cause Him To Poop Every 10-20 Min All Day And Night, Will This Balance Out?

We got our Cockapoo from breeder and within 4 day we noticed looser poop and blood in his stool. The Vet checked him and he had parasites and was on a week of medicine and boiled chicken and rice or boil hamburger diet. He improved and was only out once a night to go to the bathroom so we put him back on his puppy chow food (same as breeder). He started getting loose stool and blood again, so we had him checked out again, Vet said it probably is just that puppy food not agreeing with him. Now we have him on Science Diet small bites and he is now having solid poop and no blood but has to go every 10-20 mins all day and night. He was completely house and crate trained after 3 days home, but now if I don’t sleep right beside him at night he poops in his crate before I get to him several times through out the night and/or he barely makes it out the door before he goes. Do I switch him again or will this balance out?

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  1. Puppies have delicate digestive systems and often changing food abruptly can cause more problems. You did not mention the age of your puppy.
    A higher quality food may help the situation. I have found, in my experience that SD is not a really sound nutritional food. There are far better products on the market that may eliminate loose and frequent stools. As long as your puppy has checked out medically, and no additional parasites are found, this is more than likely a food issue. Sometimes it takes more than one treatment for parasites for the problem to resolve. If the cycle of the eggs was not addressed, this may be a new hatch of parasites, as well.
    Some foods have a large amount of grain in them ( to bulk up the food to make it cheaper) which can also be a problem. Search for the best puppy food, but change the diet gradually and observe his stool carefully.
    You can also get some great information about diet and
    health issues at It is a wealth of information.
    Jo O

  2. Science Diet is crappy food, that’s probably why he poops a lot.
    Switch to a higher quality food, and not something you can get at your Vets, and not something you can get at a grocery store, either.
    You need to take him out SEVERAL times during the night – preferably every hour.
    And you did not get this dog from a “breeder” got him from a Back Yard Breeder…how sad.

  3. first of all, Science Diet is horrible dog food. It’s overpriced crap. Go to petsmart or some good pet store and buy some Avoderm or BilJac or Blue Diamond or something that costs about $40 a bag. Yeah, it’s expensive, but it will be better in the long run.
    That way your puppy will get some fiber and vitamins and not just corn and flour. It’ll take some time for him to adjust, but you will be ahead in the long run.

  4. I would try a food like Orijen which doesn’t have any corn or anything like that which makes them go to the bathroom more often!

  5. The parasites if not all the way gone will still cause loose stool. Have you made sure your puppy is parasite free. If your puppy had stools in your yard and you did not pick it up, re-infestation may occur.
    Second puppy’s have a hard time coming from eating chicken and rice, boiled hamburger to regular dog food. You gave a bland diet and now are switching to a protein, fiber, crude fats so on. Give the puppy more time to regulate it’s self. If it does not clear in a week take him back to the vet for retesting. I worked for Hill ‘s food, I can tell you this is a very good food, it is the top selling food at Veterinary Clinics. It maybe so the food is to rich for your puppies stomach, but as your Vet to suggest what to feed to help your puppy’s stomach. Something else is going on that needs attention.
    Usually this is a good guideline to go by, if your puppy is 2 months old it can hold for 2 hours, 3 months old 3 hours & so on. Also make sure you are feeding on time, it’s hard to regulate if feeding times are not the same every day. Especially for puppies.
    Good luck

  6. You should deffinetly figure something out soon because switching a dogs food all the time messes with their digestive system. This might be why her being on an new food is making her have to go all the time. But that seems like quite a lot. I would go to the vet again, and tell them what is going on, or I would go back to making boiled chicken and rice becuase that is at least natural, you never know what is in dog food, even if it is said that it is good for your dog. When the dog food says all natural that could be a lie too. So I would make my own food for him and maybe stock up in the fridge or I would ask the vet again what to do.

  7. I would keep with the Science Diet another week. He probably still has upset tummy from the other.

  8. Should balance out..I would assume…I ended up switching my Shih Tzu’s to Blue Buffalo puppy food…When we got them from the breeder, they had loose stools/blood…treated that..had them temporarily on an Iams food from the vet that is low residue…he said to keep that on hand if the poo gets runny again. Love the new food they are on…no fillers…real meat and veggies…no loose stools…
    If it was me, I would switch…and they are already having loose stools, so switching cold turkey is okay..
    Are you free feeding him or is he on a schedule. If you are free feeding, I would switch. You will be able to keep him on a better schedule for potty breaks…
    good luck!

  9. Well dogs have a hard time adjusting to food sometimes. Plus puppies have a higher metabolism. So don’t let him pig out all the time, get him on a eating schedule and take away his food after supper.
    good luck!!

  10. My dog didn’t do good on Science Diet food either…it’s supposed to be good but they gave her gas. Try different food until you find one that agrees with her. Try Wellness only have 1 main ingredient no wheat or gluten which your dog could be allergic to. You also need to gradually change their diet or their stomach will be upset.

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