Should Changing Puppy’s Food Cause Him To Poop Every 10-20 Min All Day And Night, Will This Balance Out?

We got our Cockapoo from breeder and within 4 day we noticed looser poop and blood in his stool. The Vet checked him and he had parasites and was on a week of medicine and boiled chicken and rice or boil hamburger diet. He improved and was only out once a night to go to the bathroom so we put him back on his puppy chow food (same as breeder). He started getting loose stool and blood again, so we had him checked out again, Vet said it probably is just that puppy food not agreeing with him. Now we have him on Science Diet small bites and he is now having solid poop and no blood but has to go every 10-20 mins all day and night. He was completely house and crate trained after 3 days home, but now if I don’t sleep right beside him at night he poops in his crate before I get to him several times through out the night and/or he barely makes it out the door before he goes. Do I switch him again or will this balance out?

When To Change Puppy Food To Adult Food?

My Chihuahua is 4mnths old{hell b 5mnths on the 17th}, hes currently on puppy food
My moms Cockapoo is 2 years old and is on adult food {obviously} but she, the cockapoo, is on beneful and my dog is on Purina cuz thats what the breeder used. He barely eats it and always tries to sneak and get her food and will sit in my bed with his stomach growling to high heaven but will NOT eat his food {i leave it out all day incase he gets the urge}. It is soo rare he does. My uncle breeds and trains Jack Russles and said not to switch him to adult food till 6 months but i want to know if its true for all breeds or if maybe it varies breed to breed. Any constructive advice is deeply appreciated.

Do Cockapoos Have Aggressive Traits In Them? My 1.5 Year Old Cockapoo Is Very Food Possessive. What Can I Do?

It’s is pretty much in the question. He has became less food possessive but he still has his moments if I get near him while he is eating. Do cockapoos have naturally aggressive traits in them? He is also on a leash almost all day because we are not sure how to train him to not eat our socks. I don’t want to spank him and I feel like training classes won’t work. Please answer one of these questions. Thank you! By the way if you need details or have questions just ask and I’ll add details.