Is Having Two Puppies From The Same Litter Bad?

i bred cockapoo puppies and have a buyer wanting two puppies. iv’e heard though that it’s bad to do that because they don’t have to love you because they always have each other.
also that they’ll never learn thier name because you’re always saying two, and if you yell at one the other thinks he’s being yelled at, resulting in them never getting trained.
any help??

Help! My Puppy Woke Up From A Nap And Was Very Aggressive And Afraid!?

I have a 13 week old cockapoo puppy who woke up from a nap late last night and totally panicked. I was standing about 6 feet away from him when he woke up with a start, and ran to the corner of our bedroom alternating between blood curtailing screams and growls directed at me. He also smeared a bit of poop over the pillows as he ran. It took him about 20 seconds to calm down, and then it was like a light went on in his head. He abruptly stopped screaming, and came running towards me shaking. He then hid under my legs for about 10 minutes. I tried to go to sleep about half an hour later, but he refused to lie down. It was as if he was on guard. We were up for at least 3 hours trying to get him to relax. Before last night we had never had a problem with him going to sleep.
He is the sweetest puppy normally, but last night I was truly afraid he was going to bite me. This happened once before, but to a much lesser extent. He woke up from a nap and screamed, but it only took a few seconds for him to calm down and come cuddle me. I don’t normally have a problem waking him up from naps. I call his name and he opens his eyes, tail wagging, and wants to snuggle. I have only used positive reinforcement to train him, and he is very cuddly with me normally, so I know he isn’t actually afraid of me. It seems like he forgets who I am…
Has anyone had any experience with this type of behaviour? Is it possible he is just having really bad dreams and he will grow out of it? I am at a total loss as to what my next step should be and could really use some advice!
Thanks so much, BP

How Do I Stop My Dog From Barking So Much?

He didn’t use to bark too much when he was younger but when he barks its reallly loud and squeaky. I dunno why he keeps barking so much.He barks randomly at the air, and sometimes he barks at neighbors.Also he barks at my mom.Hes an 8 year old cockapoo. How do i train him to only bark when necessary?

How Can I Stop My 8 Mo. Old Cockapoo, From Peeing And Pooing In The House, On The Carpeting?.?

I tried the training pads. For us, that is the worse thing I could ever have done. I never had a problem training a pup before, but since using those cheap little pads (very thin, too), she’s always heading for the carpeting. I’m in a house with ALL WHITE CARPETING, with thick padding. Not by choice, just can’t afford to buy yet. Anyway, kenneling did not help. Sounds dumb, I know, but I have a “frisbee” dog who jumps really high, but can’t catch the frisbee! She jumps, and jumps, enough to get the kennel to tip and the tray to slide out, then get out through the larger holes in the bottom. Then I barricaded the kennel and got the tray to stay put with a lock on the front drop down door. Instead, she started chewing on the corners of the tray. Even when she got sick last week, she threw up, repeatedly on the carpeting. I locked her in my bathroom with a very tall gate. She started scratching at the 6 panel wood door, which opens inward. HELP!! WHAT CAN I DO. SHE CHEWS 2

How Do You Train A Cockapoo From Going Potty In The House?

When ever you see it go pee or poop in the house tell it no in a deep voice and take it outside. When ever you see it go pee or poop outside tell it good dog and pet it. It worked on all the dogs I tryed it on. Never hit or yell at your dog or put it’s face in it’s pee or poop it will not theach it to go outside.