How? Help!!!!!!!??????

I want to get a dog so my parents said that if I don’t watch TV for a whole year they will get it for my birthday. Which is someday in October.They agreed for the no watching TV because I’m like addicted to TV but its easy. I’ve done it for 3 months already but I still have about 7-8 months left! I can still not watch TV but I really want my dog during the summer. Mostly because in the summer I’ll have time to train it and spend more time with it and learn how to take care of it before school starts again. How do I convince my parents into letting me get my dog during summer. And also how much does it cost for for a cockapoo and all the vet stuff, food, grooming, boarding if I’m going on vacation, and toys and stuff in Ontario. Please help me. Thank you!

Help! My Puppy Woke Up From A Nap And Was Very Aggressive And Afraid!?

I have a 13 week old cockapoo puppy who woke up from a nap late last night and totally panicked. I was standing about 6 feet away from him when he woke up with a start, and ran to the corner of our bedroom alternating between blood curtailing screams and growls directed at me. He also smeared a bit of poop over the pillows as he ran. It took him about 20 seconds to calm down, and then it was like a light went on in his head. He abruptly stopped screaming, and came running towards me shaking. He then hid under my legs for about 10 minutes. I tried to go to sleep about half an hour later, but he refused to lie down. It was as if he was on guard. We were up for at least 3 hours trying to get him to relax. Before last night we had never had a problem with him going to sleep.
He is the sweetest puppy normally, but last night I was truly afraid he was going to bite me. This happened once before, but to a much lesser extent. He woke up from a nap and screamed, but it only took a few seconds for him to calm down and come cuddle me. I don’t normally have a problem waking him up from naps. I call his name and he opens his eyes, tail wagging, and wants to snuggle. I have only used positive reinforcement to train him, and he is very cuddly with me normally, so I know he isn’t actually afraid of me. It seems like he forgets who I am…
Has anyone had any experience with this type of behaviour? Is it possible he is just having really bad dreams and he will grow out of it? I am at a total loss as to what my next step should be and could really use some advice!
Thanks so much, BP

Help Finding A Good Dog Breed?

I’m looking to find a good dog breed. Here is what im looking for in this dog:
~ Doesn’t shed
~ Doesn’t bark much
~ Small (Smaller than a cockapoo and bigger than a chiwawa)
~ Gets along well with other dogs/pets
~ Easy to train
~ Doesn’t smell too bad

My Puppy Is Too Hyper… Help!?

I have a 6 month old cockapoo puppy. She has potty trained well however that is about all. She bites me and runs around. It is impossible to catch her. I realize that she is just being a playful puppy but i need help.

4 Year Old Female Husky Mix Help?

My 4 year old Husky mix Sweetie is a real sweetheart hint the name. She is a rescue dog, she is a Siberian Husky/ Alaskan Husky mix. She was a lead sled dog, and I am training her again for that position. But I am having a lot of trouble with her behavior. She as a lead sled dog is very dominate towards other dogs. She is great with my 7 month old Cockapoo puppy, when it comes to other dogs she does alright but with her dominate behavior she tends to frighten the other dogs (I’m worried that another dog will start a fight with her because they are scared or something). Sweetie gets along with other sled breed dogs obviously it is just with other breeds that she seems to have trouble with. Is there anyway to correct this dominate behavior of hers?? Sweetie also has a very sensitive stomach. Is there any type of dog food that might be good for her?? She isn’t my first dog I’ve just never owned one with her sensitive stomach nor one as stubborn as she. Any help you can give is welcomed.

Pet Stains…a Little Help Here!!!!?

My 3 year old cockapoo has used the “potty” all over my room…my family tries to keep a watch especially on my room, because it seems to be her favorite spot to have “accidents”. However, she is so sneaky she will be in and out of my room in probably 40 sec. flat. i absolutely hate the smell… and when my bedroom door has been closed a little while… it’s horrible!!! The stains are nasty to… can’t stand them! I even rented a carpet cleaner once and it worked… for like 4 days. The stains started to come back through. All in all I need something that will get up the stain and the smell. And a little info on housebreaking…keep in mind she is 3 and I just don’t know how to teach her better now. Help… anybody?!?!
(We have tried training her to a bell and it just didn’t work)!

window film

I Need Help With My New Puppy!!!!!?

I am sitting here about to burst with the frustration….
My dog is a poop machine on high. She poops every 1hour on the hour and I’m going to die if I have to clean up another poop or puddle. Okay……
I take out my puppy and she pees outside and then poops so I give her a tiny treat. Then she comes back inside and I put her in the lundary room (I put her in there when I can’t watch her, totally puppy proof though. I think she likes the smell of the clothes.) I come back 15 minutes later to take her out again and she beats me to it everytime!!! But she is very nice because sometimes she leaves me a poopy surprise to. I am getting so sick of cleaning after her, she is just untrainable! I have trained 2 dogs before her and they were angels. (I got them from the same breeder too). Here is her schedual….
I wake up and change her training pad because she poops on it every morning.
Take her out
Clean the room
take her out
clean the room, etc.
She is a 8 week old Cockapoo…. HELP!!

House Training Pup- Please Help?

I have a 2 1/2 month old cockapoo. I have had him for a week now. What is the best way to house train? At night, he sleeps in his cage. Surprisingly, he has NEVER went to the bathroom in his cage.
But throughout the day, he will go to the bathroom throughout my place. When it happens I generally say “no” firmly and then usually will take him out right away.
Is that the best way to go about it? Thanks.

Dog Training…i Need Help!?

I got a dog at the begining of the summer, he is now 6 months old. He is a cockapoo, and i love him to death! He is very smart and knows many tricks (sit, paw, lie down, roll over and he rings a bell when he wants to go outside.) He stays home all day alone in the house, and he is housebroken exept for in our basement. OUr basement is completly carpet, and everytime he foes down thier, he pees! Is thier anything i can do to stop him? we spray his pee with some spray that stops him from going back nd we have to keep a gate up during the day. WHat can i do t omake him stop!?

Need Serious Dog Training Help!?

I have a one-year-old female cockapoo who is spayed.
For a while, now she just simply won’t let my sister or I pick her up. Whenever Mandy (my cockapoo) even has the slightest feeling that my sister or I want to pick her up, she immediately growls. Then, if you try to physically move her, she’ll go crazy like an ill dog and sometimes even bite.
I’ve already tried picking her up and shouting, “no,” whenever she growls, but it didn’t work. I then tried to reward her with treats every time she didn’t growl/bite, but that didn’t work because – you guessed it – I can’t even pick her up. Ever.