How Do I Train My Dog To Be Offleash!?

My dog,Magie, Is a 1 year old cockapoo puppy. She is on her leash 24/7 and always in our sight. We have to put baby gates up so she doesnt go into the basement. The reason why we do this is because if we let her off the leash and full range of the house (we tried this many times) she will run around and poop everywhere even if we just took her outside! If we try to grab her to put her back on the leash she will growl and bite! How can I teach her to be offleash without biteing,growling,and pooing. How can I also get her to come when called she knows her name and when I call it and say come here she will just look at me and run away..

Best Way To Train A Dog To Be Off-leash?

I am bringing a new dog home tomorrow who is affectionate but is described as an “escape artist”. He is an adult neutered male – possibly a terrier/cockapoo mix. Any advice on how to train a dog to obey off-leash and not run off?
Note: this dog will be joining my current dog which is beautifully behaved off-leash.