How To Stop My Dog Peeing On Rugs?

I have a 4 year old bichon cockapoo and he keeps peeing inside on the rugs. He knows its wrong and he’ll run away when he knows we’ve found it but we don’t know how to stop him. We have a large on in the family room that he pees on. He always goes outside for pees but he still continues to pee inside. The smell may have soaked through to the hardwood, if so what do you suggest to remove the smell? We’ve bought several new rugs, as he totally wrecks them by peeing on them- any suggestions as to how we can train him and how we can clean the rugs?

Why Is My Dog Peeing On Brand New Carpet?

We have a 1 1/2 year old bichon cockapoo. He has been house trained for quite some time. We just bought a new house and he started peeing on a brand new area rug in our living room. We removed the rug completely (ceramic tile underneath) then he started peeing on the new small rug we have by the stairs. We have carpet throughout the house but the two matching rugs are the only thing he has peed on. What is going on? Is it the texture of the rug? Maybe the color?

Submissive Peeing Dog? Scared Dog?

My one year old cockapoo is fully house trained but every now and then when someone bends over and touches him (including me) he pees. It is getting annoying since he does it at different times. For example he will jump in our bed on his own and if I touch him sometimes he pees on the covers. Of course I don’t want him in the bed now.
I spanked him one time with newspaper because he was tearing up the pillows on the couch, but it wasn’t hard or anything. it was just two simple taps. Now everytime I come home he runs in the cage and comes out when he wants and then comes to me and jumps on me and asks for kisses. Which I give him. I don’t know what to do, he doesn’t do that to my girlfriend when she comes home only me. He jumps up and gets excitied when he knows she is outside, but I don’t get the same in return. Help please?

Why Is My Dog Suddenly Peeing Where He Knows Not To??

My 3 year old cockapoo Bailey is starting to pee on my bed, and I dont mean just a sprinkle, he pees through the blankets, sheets, and even makes it onto my pillows. He has never done this before, he is trained to pee outside, so why the sudden change? His diet is the same, he has allergies so he is on medication, but its the same meds as always, we don’t have any other animals so I don’t see how it could be a dominance issue. This is just really odd behavior. Why is it happening, and how can I stop it?

Puppy Training Biting And Peeing?

I just got a 6 week and 3 day old cockapoo puppy (cocker spaniel and mini poodle)
She keeps biting my slippers and everything else she finds attractive to naw and bite on. How can I control her from biting? She also likes to bite my fingers so i say NO and walk away. Is that the right thing to do?
One more problem is that she pees everywhere she pleases. I would like to have her house broken but is it too early?
Also, how often should i feed her.
everytime i add new food to her bowl, she finishes it. I’ve fed her 3 times with in 4 hours. Is that normal?

Why Is My House-trained Dog Peeing In The House?

Our previously house-trained 4-year-old cockapoo has recently started peein in the house. Usually he goes into the master bedroom and pees on the white carpet. He has done this increasingly often over the last two weeks or so. He was pretty well house-trained before so I do not understand this!

How Can I Stop My 8 Mo. Old Cockapoo, From Peeing And Pooing In The House, On The Carpeting?.?

I tried the training pads. For us, that is the worse thing I could ever have done. I never had a problem training a pup before, but since using those cheap little pads (very thin, too), she’s always heading for the carpeting. I’m in a house with ALL WHITE CARPETING, with thick padding. Not by choice, just can’t afford to buy yet. Anyway, kenneling did not help. Sounds dumb, I know, but I have a “frisbee” dog who jumps really high, but can’t catch the frisbee! She jumps, and jumps, enough to get the kennel to tip and the tray to slide out, then get out through the larger holes in the bottom. Then I barricaded the kennel and got the tray to stay put with a lock on the front drop down door. Instead, she started chewing on the corners of the tray. Even when she got sick last week, she threw up, repeatedly on the carpeting. I locked her in my bathroom with a very tall gate. She started scratching at the 6 panel wood door, which opens inward. HELP!! WHAT CAN I DO. SHE CHEWS 2