Should Changing Puppy’s Food Cause Him To Poop Every 10-20 Min All Day And Night, Will This Balance Out?

We got our Cockapoo from breeder and within 4 day we noticed looser poop and blood in his stool. The Vet checked him and he had parasites and was on a week of medicine and boiled chicken and rice or boil hamburger diet. He improved and was only out once a night to go to the bathroom so we put him back on his puppy chow food (same as breeder). He started getting loose stool and blood again, so we had him checked out again, Vet said it probably is just that puppy food not agreeing with him. Now we have him on Science Diet small bites and he is now having solid poop and no blood but has to go every 10-20 mins all day and night. He was completely house and crate trained after 3 days home, but now if I don’t sleep right beside him at night he poops in his crate before I get to him several times through out the night and/or he barely makes it out the door before he goes. Do I switch him again or will this balance out?

My Puppy Refuses To Poop On His Piddle Pad!?

I have an 11 week old male cockapoo that we are piddle pad training. He got down the piddle part within just a few days and only piddles on the pad. He won’t poop on it though! We have him sectioned off in the kitchen and he tends to go behind his crate or in front of the door that leads to the garage. The 3 times he did poop on the pad I praised him and gave him treats then next time he would go it would be on the floor again! When he’s gone on the floor I have scolded him and even picked up the poop and put it on the piddle pad so he would have the scent. Nothing works please help with suggestions! I’ve googled this and can’t seem to come up with any answers, thanks!

Why Did My 3 Year Old Cockapoo Poop On The New Carpet?

The other day I noticed an odor in the basement. Today I realized why; apparently my otherwise well-trained dog (who never has accidents) pooped on the new shaggy carpet.
I can’t reprimand him for something already done, but I surely want to prevent it from happening again.
Any suggestions?

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