How Do I Train My Dog To Be Offleash!?

My dog,Magie, Is a 1 year old cockapoo puppy. She is on her leash 24/7 and always in our sight. We have to put baby gates up so she doesnt go into the basement. The reason why we do this is because if we let her off the leash and full range of the house (we tried this many times) she will run around and poop everywhere even if we just took her outside! If we try to grab her to put her back on the leash she will growl and bite! How can I teach her to be offleash without biteing,growling,and pooing. How can I also get her to come when called she knows her name and when I call it and say come here she will just look at me and run away..

Can Some One Please Give Me Some Step-by-step Instructions For How To House Train A 3 1/2 Month Old Dog?

The Cockapoo is a 3 1/2 month old, we are trying to teach it to only go to the bathroom in a certin part of the yard, Please help!!!

Can I Train My Dog With Bacon?

I have a 7-8 month old cockapoo, he’s really sweet sometimes, but most of the time he’s very controlling- probably because we weren’t consistnet when we trained him when we first got him.
Now I’d like to train him to sit, stay, and come but he doesn’t respond to dog treats, he likes them, he’ll eat them, but he doesn’t come running when you call him. I used bacon yesterday and it’s worked wonders, he comes right away and stays for MINUTES before he breaks focus…
if he get a little less than 1 piece a day is that going to hurt him? He’s very active, and my kids play with him for about 1-2 hours a night at least, plus a 30 minute walk… is bacon a good training tool? If not- do you think he’ll like beggin’ bits? (my previous dogs did NOT, but they liked milkbones…)

How Do You Train A Grumpy Puppy?

I have a little female cockapoo pup that is very grumpy. She growls alot when I pick her up. Today I was in the other room and heard my kitten cry out,and I ran in the room and saw the puppy on top of the kitten trying to bite her. I don’t know how to discipline her properly. Does anyone have any suggestions?

How Do I Train My Dogs To Get Along?

i have a 13 year old female bichon/cockapoo and i am getting a pomeranian puppy this week. does anybody know how i should train them so that they get along with each other? i had a bad past experience with another dog i brought into the family. any do’s or don’ts?

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Any Ideas On How To Potty Train And Retrain My 5 Month Old Cockapoo Puppy To “come”?

How do I ween my puppy off of puppy pads to want to go outside instead? We have used puppy pads since she was a 7 weeks old and I don’t know the best way to change her routine. We are also not home 2 days a week for 8 hours, so on those days, do I train her to wait till I come home to go out and do her business. Or should I let her continue to use the puppy pads on those days?
Also, she stopped following the “Come” command. She was very good at the command and we followed up with treats but were trying to wean her off treats to reward her with praise and she did well with it for awhile but she’s now not responding to the come command. I don’t know if its because she’s trying to assert her independence or if she forgets but any ideas on what to do? Should I go back to using treats again to re-train the come command?

How Do You Potty Train A Puppy??

How should I potty train a puppy I’m getting soon. It’s a cockapoo. What should i do? What did you do? How long did it take? I don’t want too many accidents, how can i reduce number of accidents?

How Do I Potty Train A 6 Weeks Old Puppies?


I Have A 3.5 Month Cockapoo That I Am Trying To Crate Train. She Does Her Business In The Crate?

And even though I have the training pads outstide the crate, she still does her businesses in the crate. She yells and barks profusely when she is in the crate wether I am at home or not and I believe that she thinks that I will let her out if she does her business when in fact I am letting her out so I can clean the crate. Please help…. Note I have had her for 4 days; she was brought home from a pet store

How Do I Crate Train My Puppy?

Whenever I put my 12 weeks old cockapoo in her crate, she whines until I take her out. My family and I are usually out of the house for about 7 hours on an average weekday so our dog needs to be crate trained. Any suggestions?