What Type Of Dog Should I Get?

My parents have decided to let my sister and I get a dog! =) We’re both teenages and would prefer a small to medium-sized dog, not like a retriever-sized, but not a tiny Paris-Hilton type.
I’d like to have a breed that’s friendly, caring, playful, loving, loyal.. and basically all the great qualities of a dog. I really like Cockapoos, but what’s the best kind of them to get, and are there any other good breeds you recommend?
One more thing.. would yolu recommend getting a full-grown dog or a 1-year old puppy or something? We’d want it to be little when we get it, but trained…
All answers welcome =)

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What Should I Know Before Buying My Own Dog?

Okay, so I am a teenager, old enough to get a job, and I am very responsible and my mother agrees that if I pay for my own dog I can do it – but I have to pay for the vet bills, the toys, food, and anything else that comes along with it. However, she said if the dog gets really sick, she will pay for any surgeries that may need to be performed. I do not plan on getting pet insurance, btw.
I was just wondering what initial costs there will be besided the actually price of the dog… what essentials will I need to make sure he lives as happily as possible?
I would like to adopt from the pound, however most dogs there have been abused and since this is my first dog I’m worried that I won’t properly be able to help/train it. On that note, I DO NOT want a purebread due to the health problems they are prone to get – so what cross breeds are good? I was thinking Cockapoos because my friend had one and he was an amazing dog… Also, I do want a small – medium sized dog, no huge ones.
I live in a small town so there’s lots of open space and I have a big backyard so excersize won’t be an issue. Also, I would prefer a breed that’s good with cats, children, easy to train and isn’t very talkitive 🙂
Thanks so much!

What Breed/type Of Dog Would Be Good For Me?

Alright so I know It’s Summer 09′ but next Summer I’m supposed to get a dog! Alright, well I’d get it at the end of June so over the Summer I could train it, walk it, spend time with it, let it get used to me, ETC. Well I need to know also what dog would be right for me because I’m at school 7 hours of the day. And it HAS TO BE a dog that does not bark a lot. Right now I’m kind of looking at a Jack russell terrier.
Like this: http://www.breederretriever.com/photopost/data/511/medium/jack_russell_terrier_roux.jpg
I need help! But when I get one, I’m just going to search free dog/puppy, and whatever come’s up. As long as it’s a small dog/that’s already house trained, that is NOT a chihuahua. Than I’ll probably get it… HELP, PLEASE AND THANK YOU 😉
And as I said, I want a free dog. It DOESN’T HAVE TO BE FREE, I’m not pooor. I can spend $100-$250. I just want a free one, so it’d be easier on all of us.
I’m not asking if a Jackrussell is good for me, but WHAT TYPE OF DOG IS GOOD FOR ME? Cockapoo, Chihuahua Pitbull, Boxer, what?
And it HAS TO BE a common dog. Not a Cavachon or anything, because they don’t usually sell those/they’re rare. It has to be a common dog people sell on regular basis.
+++++++ I was looking at french bulldog’s/boston terrier’s, I really liked those! But I heard they have high medical bills, and when they do have problems is it often? Or only certain dogs. Please help!!! Thank you so muchhhh

What Kind Of Dog Should I Get? ?

^ i really want this dog! it’s a cockapoo. are they hard to train?
what is a non-shedding, small dog (no more than 25 pounds!) not short hair, easy to train
help 🙁
i know i’m kind of asking for a perfect dog. haha

My Dog Attacks Me When I Punish Him, What Should I Do?(extra Details For My Last Question)?

i have a two year old cockapoo and he attacks me when i punish him. he is a dominant male that is fixed. he has a potty training problem, ive worked with him since he was eight weeks old and he is still not housebroken. he is crate trained. i correct him by either smacking him on the butt or yelling at him(verbal commands, bad dog ect.) i havent let him get away with much without a punishment. he attacks any dog in sight and doesnt like little children. his attacking has gotten soo bad that i took him back to the breeder for advice. she told me when he attacks me i should grab him by the scruff and put him on his back until he calms down. ive tried this but after he calms down and i let go he attacks me again. he can be a nice dog sometimes. ive taken him to the vet and there are no health causes. please help!!!

Older Dog Marking Inside.. What To Do?

Hi all.. my 8 year old cockapoo started marking inside the house about a year ago. I don’t know why he started so late, but it happened about 6 months after my mom moved into this house. I’m back at home and can work with him if it’s possible to train him, but he was never neutered. I’m wondering:
A) Is it possible to correct this problem with training?
B) What risks are there for an older dog to get fixed?
C) Are there any things I should be sure to ask a vet if we do have to go this route?
He’s still as chipper as can be and crazy energetic, but the thought of him going under with anaesthesia scares the heck out of me. Let me know your thoughts, thanks!

What Do I Do About 4am Bathroom Breaks If Don’t Feel Comfortable Going Outside At 4am.?

Dog is a 12 week old cockapoo. He is doing a good job with house training during the day (we are using the crate training method!), but I am not comfortable going outside at 4am. Should I try puppy pads at 4am and take them up after he’s done? Will this confuse him and ruin the house training? Are there other options for 4am bathroom breaks?

My Dog Attacks Me When I Punish Him, What Should I Do?

i have a two year old cockapoo(cockerspaniel + poodle) and he is a dominant male that is fixed. he has a potty training problem and every time i try to correct him when he goes in the house, he attacks me. he is crate trained. he also attacks any other dogs in sight and cant get along with my cat. he also cant stand little kids that like to play. there are a lot of little kids in my neighborhood and i dont want him to attack any more dogs or any little kids and have myself sewed. please help me!!!!

Our 4 Month Old Cockapoo Thinks The Wee Wee Pad Is A Toy, What To Do?

Our little Roxci or Foxci still deciding on the name thinks that the wee wee pad is a chew toy and she shreds it up. I am using the crate training method however how can I encourage her to go if she wants to play with it?

2 Year Old Housebroken Cockapoo Has Started To Urinate In The House… What Happened?

Our 2 year old male cockapoo has been wee-wee pad trained since the beginning and we also take him outside to go to the bathroom. However, the past couple of weeks, we have discovered him making little accidents on the carpets around the house. He is still relieving himself on the wee-wee pads primarily, but randomly finding spots where he has peed every few days or so is disconcerting. Why is this happening and how do we fix it??