What Should I Know Before Buying My Own Dog?

Okay, so I am a teenager, old enough to get a job, and I am very responsible and my mother agrees that if I pay for my own dog I can do it – but I have to pay for the vet bills, the toys, food, and anything else that comes along with it. However, she said if the dog gets really sick, she will pay for any surgeries that may need to be performed. I do not plan on getting pet insurance, btw.
I was just wondering what initial costs there will be besided the actually price of the dog… what essentials will I need to make sure he lives as happily as possible?
I would like to adopt from the pound, however most dogs there have been abused and since this is my first dog I’m worried that I won’t properly be able to help/train it. On that note, I DO NOT want a purebread due to the health problems they are prone to get – so what cross breeds are good? I was thinking Cockapoos because my friend had one and he was an amazing dog… Also, I do want a small – medium sized dog, no huge ones.
I live in a small town so there’s lots of open space and I have a big backyard so excersize won’t be an issue. Also, I would prefer a breed that’s good with cats, children, easy to train and isn’t very talkitive 🙂
Thanks so much!

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  1. mixed is healthier than purebreds and smarter too..show breeders are the worst with health problems…

  2. Alot of the shelters have awesome dogs, mine was from one and he is great.Most dogs get along with other animals if they are introduced early…I had 2 dogs and 3 cats at one time for years together.
    I applaud your hard work you are putting toward this , and I wish you good luck. Read lots of books and get good traing advice in them.

  3. Most dogs in shelters have NOT been abused. Most are there because of the economy, or were strays. If they were all being abused I would be truly worried about this country.
    All dogs are prone to health problems, even mixed breeds. Make sure that if you get a mixed breed, that you only get it from a shelter (like you said)

  4. well idk what to tell u but i got a HUSKIE AND a big back yard and he isn’t that annoying he is big but he listens and he isn’t that talkative he likes to play a lot but yea he don’t bug while Ur doing something so yea maby u should get the kinda dog that is smart i would prefer German Shepperd or Huskie thats all im saying thx!

  5. I would just like to say this on your purebred comment: purebreds can actually be very healthy. Great and responsible breeders breed out genetic problems and their dogs are titled in either work or show. Remeber, Cockapoos and most dogs as such are designer breeds and are likely to have the problem badly bred purebreds have because they inherited them from the parents. If you do want a cockapoo, you will be able to find one in a shelter which would be the best way to go if you want a ‘designer dog’ as you are not supporting a bad, unethical breeder and you are giving the dog a new home.
    Good diet (homecooked, raw, or dog food)
    As for breeds, research some you like, such as an English Springer Spaniel. ESS’s are great with cats and kids, and are easily trainable. Be patient on your search and check your local shelter and tell them what you want. Get in contact with rescues, both breed specific (they should know their dogs in and out and tell you how healthy the dog actually is), and general rescues.

  6. Well bred purebred dogs do NOT come with health problems, because their breeders put money into SHOWING them and TESTING them for any genetic illnesses.
    You’re more likely to get illness, physical defect, genetic problems, etc from a so called “cockapoo” dog because there ARE NO reputable breeders of these dogs. They are MUTTS, not breeds – bred for profit and not health.
    Sounds like you need to do some more research before getting a dog. NO “crossbreed” dog is going to be as healthy or temperamentally sound as a well bred purebred. PERIOD. End of story. The only other place to get mutts are BYB or puppy mill scum. Only VIABLE option is a shelter.
    Costs in the fist month total around $1,000 not including the price of the dog. Monthly fees run in the $150 range. Vet bills are around $400 per year (could be scattered through the year or could be all in one or two visits.)http://shibashake.com/shibainublog/2009/…http://www.thefreelibrary.com/Is+a+Desig…

  7. may i suggest adopting? i myself adopted a yorkie its much cheaper and you help out homeless puppies go to http://www.petfinder.com and take your pick or you can so to http://www.petsmart.com and they have a section for adoption. initial costs depends on what you decide to buy for the dog. cost on adoption can range from 80 to 400 depending on the dog or where your adopting…they do come with their first shot when you adopt.and on the websites i gave you they let you know if they are good with kids cats and other dogs…as far as training every dog is different so you might want to get to know them a bit. and yes some of the dogs on the adoption centers have been abused but not all of them and if your a good owner you’ll have no problem. and as far as finding the right one well you’ll see him/her and you’ll know you’ll want that one. hope i helped!!!

  8. Number 1; Mutts are NOT neccessarily healthier then PUREBRED. Are you aware the Cocker Spaniel x Poodle=Cockapoo can have BOTH health problems of BOTH breeds, due to the fact “the breeder” that produce these designer mutt DO NOT genetical health test them prior to breeding? How can dogs that come from untested parents be Healthier? Don’t believe the hype that a Poodle x Cocker will make the resulting litter low shedding-NOT true. Same as Other crossbred/Mutts, Hybridshttp://www.petlvr.com/blog/2009/02/are-m…http://www.parispoodles.com/Labradoodle.…http://hubpages.com/hub/The-Fad-of-the-D…http://www.canismajor.com/dog/poodogs.ht…http://www.geocities.com/mutts02/designe…
    Note; My dog came from a litter of dogs with unstable temperments and health problems-She a labrador x golden retriever=Golden Labrador-She suffer from yeast infections, arthritis since 2 1/2years old, a crucial ligament replacement and appear she has congential heart failure-Getting a vet check soon to confirm my suspitions- now She 11years old, and yes she does have occassion with unstable temperment-She had a snap attack yesterday-Started biting my pj and my hand for absolutely no reason-She got No Bite for it-but it made no difference she just tried to bit me harder. However i got her to stop in the end and yes her snap attacks are rare. Sadly yes she was a petshop dog, and my parents brought her for my birthday.. I didn’t know about the cruelty then when i was 12years old. I am trying to educate my parents, but still refuse to believe the truth.
    Designer mutts are simple Puppy Mill produce for nothing but PROFIT and cuteness. NOT for health or TEMPERMENT.
    Number 2; NOT all dogs in animals shelter have been abused. Many are previously loved family pets and some have been strays. Abused dogs can make great pets though. However i wouldn’t remember a Am pitbull Terrier for a 1st time owner. Remember abuse come in different forms, starvation, physical abuse or just lack of proper care-not providing kennel, not providing suitable shade etc
    Number 3; DO NOT buy a designer mutt from a breeder-THERE PUPPY MILLS
    Number 4; the cost assoiated
    Cost of owning a dog 1st year
    Purchase Price=$1000
    Vet bills=$400
    Chew bones=$150
    Flea Control=$200
    Grooming Tools=$250
    Dental Care=$40
    Stain Cleaner=$75
    Waste Disposal=$50
    Trainning aids=$300
    Car Restraint=$100
    Approx 1st year cost; $6,600
    Approx yearly cost; $2485.00
    Approx Total over the life of a 14 year old dog $38,905.00…
    Breeds that are good with children, remember it all depends on the individal dog and the general nature of the kids and there ages. Remember mixed breed dogs DO NOT have temperment tested parents-Yes breeder that DO produce mixed breed DO use AGGRESSIVE dogs. However most shelter will do a behaviour assessment on all dogs including puppies to make sure there suitable for adoption-the dogs that aren’t are euthanised for safety reasons.
    American Cocker Spaniel
    Basset Hound
    Bearded Collie
    Belgian Sheepdog
    Bernese Mountain Dog
    Bichon Frise
    Border Terrier
    Boston Terrier
    Bouvier des Flandres
    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
    Cairn Terrier
    Golden Retriever
    Scotch Collie

  9. You will need food, treats, toys, collar, leash, bowls, crate, bed, etc.
    these things can vary in price but you are looking at about 250 for everything.
    Your new pup will need a vet visit and all shots. Puppies get 3 boosters and then rabies. All vets vary greatly in price but look at least another 250 here.
    You will need to spay/neuter you pup, another couple hundred.
    A rescue dog is great, not all are abused. Contact a rescue that has the dog in foster care. They will be able to tell you about the dogs behavior and personality and match you to one that would make a great first dog for you life style.
    As far as mixes verse purebreds, only buy a mix from a rescue, if you buy from a breeder who purposefully mixes you are buying from a BYB, which means horrible bred dog, low quality, huge price. It also means you are giving money to and therefore supporting someone who is a direct cause of animal suffering and shelter dogs dying.
    The myth of mixes being healthier then pure breeds is just that a myth. A well bred pure bred will be healthier than any mix. It is poorly bred dogs bred by BYBs that cause this misconception.
    Only get from a responsable breeder or a shelter.

  10. One thing that I want to tell you because this makes me SO mad when people do this. When people get a dog because it’s cute, then when the puppy stage wears off, they give the dog away. It makes me SO ANGRY! ( not saying you will do this ) but PLEASE know that when you get a dog, this is for the rest of the dogs life. 15 to 20 years you will have this dog. please be aware of this. it breaks my heart when people get rid of animals. animals are like people, they get used to one owner, then get pawned off to another owner. so sad. you do seem extremely responsible to me and i think that’s wonderful! good job hunny!

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