What Type Of Dog Should I Get?

My parents have decided to let my sister and I get a dog! =) We’re both teenages and would prefer a small to medium-sized dog, not like a retriever-sized, but not a tiny Paris-Hilton type.
I’d like to have a breed that’s friendly, caring, playful, loving, loyal.. and basically all the great qualities of a dog. I really like Cockapoos, but what’s the best kind of them to get, and are there any other good breeds you recommend?
One more thing.. would yolu recommend getting a full-grown dog or a 1-year old puppy or something? We’d want it to be little when we get it, but trained…
All answers welcome =)

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  1. Maltese!!!! For sure! I am one proud owner, and I will probably never get any other type of breed ever again. At first, I got these kinds of dogs because I though that they were so cute, and I could travel with them easily because they are very small. But, after getting them I learned so much. They are the most loyal dogs ever..they follow me everywhere I go. They are loving, and always want to be right in my lap, and if I am on the couch they are usually right up on the top or on the arm of it. They do NOT shed, and are hypo-allergenic for people who have allergies. And, are also very playful. Mine still look like little puppies and they are about 3 years old. My biggest..Sugar Plum is about 5-6 pounds, and my smallest Bonbon is about 3.5-4 pounds. They trained pretty quickly, and they would even go on the potty pads in the house which is nice if you have colder weather. They don’t eat much, so food dosn’t cost a whole lot…even though I buy them tons of treats! I also figured that since I am got married a couple years I wanted a dog that I could have around kids, and they love kids.
    All around a perfect dog!
    I would advice against getting a cockapoo. I had a cocker spaniel growing up, and even though he was really cute he would turn on us at times. If we touched him the wrong way or came up from behind him he would go nuts and start attacking us. It was very scary. And, poodles seem to get quit nippy at people as well.

  2. I have a toy poodle. Very gentle but also very playful. Kinda knows when to do which.
    I would suggest going to the local shelter though, there are sooo many animals who need to be adopted. They receive new animals all the time so it might take a couple trips but you will find the one you want.
    As far as age, a younger dog would be optimal in all honestly. But just find the one that you feel is a good fit. And yes, you can train an old dog new tricks.

  3. I would recommend these dogs based on size and temperament:
    Airdale terrier
    Welsh corgi
    Beagle (they are a hound so they tend to be garbage dogs but great companions)
    If you have the time,money and patience then go for it get a puppy, but if you want a dog thats trained i would recommend a 1-3 year old dog.
    Also i recommend that you go to petfinder.com to find a dog, there are thousands of dogs that need to be rescued!http://www.petfinder.com

  4. Go to http://www.petfinder.com This site has many dogs in need of a home in your area. You can look up breed rescue groups.
    Go to the animal shelter and find that dog that clicks with you.
    Petfinder.com best site ever. Check it out I know you will fall in love with at least 2 dogs on there.

  5. Ask yourselves how much time and money, you realistically can and will spend on grooming. Some breeds require next-to-none, and others require a LOT.
    Ask yourselves how willing and able you are to spend time and money at the vet, as some breeds are statistically likely to require a good deal more health care than do others for breed or type-specific problems.
    Do you want a really high-energy dog that will require a great deal of exercise? One that will go jogging with you, chase frisbees for hours, and still be up for more fun’n’games every single day? Or would you prefer a dog who will be content to follow you around the house, play on the floor with a chew toy, and can stay fit and happy with a couple of fairly short walks every day?
    Does anyone in the house have an allergy problem?
    When you say you want a dog that’s young but trained, do you just mean house-broken, or did you want a dog already trained to Come, Sit, Stay, Down, and Heel? You do know that even if the dog is already trained to all of that, you’ll have to keep up the training or the dog will forget or learn to ignore that training?
    Answer these questions thoughtfully, and that will help you decide what breeds or mixes are right for your family.
    NOTE #1: Cockapoo is NOT a breed. It is a made-up name for a Cocker Spaniel-Poodle mix. They can be great little dogs (I’ve known a few over the years), but PLEASE don’t encourage unscrupulous people to deliberately breed mutts and sell them to gullible people as ‘designer breeds ‘ by purchasing from them.
    If you want a Cockapoo or any other mix, get one from your local shelter for the adoption fee. If you want a purebred dog, go to a shelter, a breed-specific rescue group, or a reputable breeder, not a pet store, as most pet store dogs come from puppy mills.
    NOTE #2: Especially if you want a mixed breed, consider getting an adult or older pup, as that way you can be sure of its adult size, coat, and temperament. It will also be more likely to be more fully trained.
    NOTE #3: Reputable breeders, good shelters, and good breed-specific rescue groups don’t want their dogs going to a home where they will not be appreciated. They will be happy to help you decide whether or not a particular breed or individual dog will fit into your household.
    NOTE #4: Unless your new baby is an extraordinarily fine speciman of its breed, PLEASE spay/neuter it, for health, behavioral, and population control reasons. Females do not need to have ‘just one litter’ in order to be ‘fulfilled,’ and males neutered before they have any sexual experience will never miss it.

  6. well first u have to make sure that u and ur sis are ready for a dog. will u guys get up early before school and take the dog out to pee and then make sure that it is fed before u leave for school.
    also r u guys in middle or high school. if in high school it wouldnt
    be a good time to get a dog. when u go off into college who will take care of the dog. will ur parents be up to taking care of it when u and ur sis goes off to college.
    i wouldnt get a puppy b/c they are a lot of work and someone should be home for a few weeks with it so it can be confortable in it new home and the pup needs someone home to train it so it will know what it can and cannot do. also pups chew and u have to take them outside a lot to pee since they cant hold their pee in and have to go every few hours or so.
    also u need to be careful if u do get a tiny small dog like paris hiltons. these dogs are fragile and can be injured easy. how about a more sturdy dog??!
    u guys should get an older dog like 2yrs or older. and u will NOT find a dog already trained. u have to do it urself. as a dog owner u will have to train ur new dog and if it is ur first one then i would take it to obedience classes so u will know how to properly train a dog and know more on doggie behavior.
    go to petfinder.com and find local shelters in ur area and there will be pic. i am sure there are tons of small size dogs that need loving homes.
    u need to do some research before u and ur sis get a dog. go to the library or store and get some books on dogs.like on bahvior and types of dogs and what to expect when u get one.

  7. you should rescue a dog!!! its the most amazing feeling and much cheaper. dont go to a mall… dont support puppy mills!!! there are all sorts of websites out their that ask questions and then match you with a dog but from my understanding its all about how you train and treat your dog. also a lot of their personality comes from how they were treated as a young puppy (birth-8weeks) if you buy one from a mall/puppy mill they tend to be very nervous and have a lot of health problems when they are older due to inbreeding. if you rescue a puppy they seem to love you even more… its almost like they thank you for adopting them.
    make the right decision and enjoy 🙂
    good luck… getting a dog is the best thing in the world, they are truly mans best friend

  8. You can check out petfinder.com and find a shelter dog that needs a great home.
    I would recommend you to look into getting an australian shepherd. I just bought my girl a few months ago, and she is really the best dog I have ever owned. They do require a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. They are very, very loyal dogs. They also have somewhat of a long coat. A good brush down every other day keeps the shedding to a minimum, though. And they are very clean dogs, with little doggy odor.
    I would recommend buying from a show line, rather than a work line. They show lines tend to be less nuerotic than the working lines. (those of you who own a working dog totally understand what I mean 🙂
    You can generally find older pups available from responsible breeders.
    Have fun with your new doggy!

  9. You described a mini poodle.
    They are all those great qualities and then some. Minis are the in between size not standard not toy .
    Some people like to down mini poodles but I think they have never spent anytime with one.
    These dogs were companions of fisher men (they are water retrievers and would deliver msgs between boats or swim to shore for help), gypsies(they danced and did magic tricks with the gypsies), witches(who of course would love a psychic dog companion), royalty(have You seen them walk and that luscious fur) and artists (no wonder,they are beautiful).
    It no wonder why as they are so beautiful, smart, entertaining and loyal. You can dog whisper them easily as they are psychic and they are also know for “speaking” to their companions. They just love love. There cuddly.
    Get a well bred one and you will have the best companion ever.
    Plus they are non shedding hypo allergenic too they don’t have dandar so they dont stink.
    GL I hope you find your match

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